Wagoner County E-911


Mission Statement

The mission of the Wagoner County E-911 Mapping and Addressing department is to maintain the most highly accurate 911 mapping information in the State of Oklahoma. The Mapping and Addressing department will continue to provide the citizens of Wagoner County with correct addresses, name roads and streets, and to upgrade the 911 mapping capabilities as often as feasibly possible. We will continue to strive to keep up with the most modern technology available.


Plans, develops, schedule, and coordinates all phases of E-911 mapping which includes maintaining data bases, issuing addresses, assigning of street names, coordinating data to the United States Postal Service and various utility providers.


The primary goal of the E-911 office is to prepare for and implement the Wireless Phase II process. Phase II is designed to provide the latitude and longitude of the cell phone. This allows the caller to be pinpointed to within 50 to 300 feet in normal conditions. This is extremely important in locating wireless users. By ensuring the validity of addressing, the Mapping and Addressing department works to support the goal of becoming Phase II.

The second goal of the E-911 office is to continue to perform daily E-911 functions (i.e., addressing, database maintenance, GPS mapping of private roads, new subdivisions, etc.).

Office Location

Wagoner County Courthouse
2nd Floor (right next to Commissioner’s meeting room)
307 E Cherokee
Wagoner, OK 74467

Office Hours

8:00 AM- 4:30 PM


E-911 Coordinator:
Judy Elliott
Phone: (918) 485-7727
Fax: (918) 485-7737

Addressing & Mapping Technicians:

Jackie Murray
Phone: (918) 485-7767
Fax: (918) 485-7737