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View the locations, pictures and details of our current and completed projects throughout our district. We are proud of the progress made to make our district one of the most appealing areas to live and work.

April 20th, 2024

Free Dump Day

We will be having a "Free Dump Day" here at our facility on Saturday, April 20th, 2024!

It will be between the hours of 7:00am - 2:30pm.

Items that WILL NOT be accepted are tires, batteries, trees/brush, paint or chemicals of any kind, nothing containing any refrigerants.

You must provide proof of your address located in Wagoner County District 1

If you have any questions please call our office at 918-357-1927.

October 28th, 2023

Free Dump Day

We will be having a "Free Dump Day" here at our facility on Saturday, October 28th, 2023!

It will be between the hours of 7:00am - 2:30pm.

Items that WILL NOT be accepted are tires, batteries, trees/brush, paint or chemicals of any kind, nothing containing any refrigerants.

You must provide proof of your address located in Wagoner County District 1

If you have any questions please call our office at 918-357-1927.

May 2020

COVID-19 Antibody Testing To Be Provided at Several County Locations
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November 2017

Big industry coming to Wagoner!
Largest HVAC accessories manufacturer in North America purchases Wagoner property.
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March 2017

Update on Progress as Promised - I am happy to report the projected finish date for Salt Creek Bridge to be complete is right on schedule! Here are just a few pictures of the progress.

*Mark your calender's it is that time of year again for our annual Trash Off Day! Saturday April 22nd is a free dump day offered to the citizens of Wagoner County district one. Plan ahead and get prepared and we will see you then! Call 918-357-1927 if you have further questions.

September 2016

Progress as Promised - Due to the overwhelming concern with the public’s safety Commissioner Hanning has made it his mission since taking office in 2011 to improve Salt Creek Bridge (6th and 305th). This project has been a long time coming with many obstacles to overcome, including long meetings with ODOT voicing our concerns and doing all that we could to bump this specific project up on the list. ODOT had projected Salt Creek Bridge ground to be broke 8 years out from the start date. With the hard work and dedication Commissioner Hanning has pushed and fought for this project to break ground in a record breaking time of 5 years. So it is our honor to say once again Commissioner Hanning has delivered progress as promise and ground has been broken! Projected completion on this project is spring of 2017 weather permitting.

New Asphalt Lay Down Machine - I am excited to announce all three Wagoner County Districts have teamed up and purchased our very own asphalt lay down machine.Recently some changes had been made in our biding process causing delays in trying to complete projects. With this purchase not only will the county be saving time but money. By teaming up we will be able to tackle several trouble areas within the county.


June 2016

This 2016 FY Commissioner Hanning was granted a reap grant from the Eastern Oklahoma Development District (EODD). Commissioner Hanning has chosen to assist Oak Grove Fire Department with a second fire station to better assist the residence in their district.

According to Fire Chief Summers construction is scheduled to happen at some point in the month of July 2016. The new fire station will be 4800 sq ft facility that will house 4 trucks. If all goes well Chief Summers is hoping to have a fully functioning fire station by December 2016.

Chief Summers explained with more housing development growing within the rural areas a second fire house will lower constituents ISO rating in the southern half of their district benefiting there insurance, not to mention a quicker response time.

April 2016

Wagoner County District 1 will be participating in the 2016 Great American Clean Up Oklahoma on Saturday April 30, 2016. Trash bags will be available for pickup at our office 30020 E 71st Street. To learn more about this event Click Here

December 2015

Commissioner Hanning and Broken Arrow City Manager, Michael Spurgeon, held a meeting concerning the renewal our inter-local agreement with Wagoner County District One and Broken Arrow City. Renewing this agreement will allow District One and Broken Arrow City to work closely in the upcoming Winter months. Our goal is to have a smooth transition from City to County roads, ensuring safe travels for all emergency vehicles and citizens. Happy Holidays!


April 2015

I am happy to report we have successfully made it through the Winter months without any major snow fall. I would like to give a big Thank you to our road crew and the wonderful job that was done keeping everyone safe through all their travels. Those of you who have called and wrote in Thanking us we surly do appreciate your kind word.

Spring has finally sprung and that means one thing..... Bad weather is upon us. Please remember we are offering weather radios to those who live in Wagoner County for $10 with a check or money order. Weather radios are available at the office 30020 E 71st in Broken Arrow.

Our annual Trash Off went off without a hitch. We would like to thank all those who participated this year and encourage others to participate in the years to come. Let's take pride in our community and keep it clean!

Please note that with Spring upon us our road crew will be out in full force mowing the right of ways. Please be respectful and give them the the space they need to do their job safely. Thank you for all your cooperation!

July 2014

Wagoner County is proud to announce that we have moved forward with our second inter local agreement with the City of Broken Arrow. A special thanks to all parties that played a roll in accomplishing this. With the inter local agreement in place it allows both Wagoner County and the City of Broken Arrow to partner up and achieve goals to better the community..

April 2014

Storm season is upon us again, and we would like to remind everyone that at the District One barn we have weather radios available while they last for $10. We accept personal checks and money orders.

District One has several upcoming projects to be on the look out for. On 31st from 193rd to the Creek Turnpike, and East of 225th from Admiral to 11th street. Please plan your travels around these detours. Thank you for your patience!

February 2014

Due to the overwhelming amount of traffic and break down of the roadway on 305th between 71st and 111th construction of this four mile stretch will begin in the next 30 days, weather permitting. We ask that the citizens use caution and allow extra time for safe travels. Thank you for your patience!

December 2013

During the December snow storm Wagoner County District Ones road crew was working around the clock to insure that the citizens had safe roadways to travel. Commissioner James Hanning would personally like to Thank his crew for all their hard work and dedication to make sure this happened. We would also like to Thank all the citizens for their feed back on the job well done, that means a lot to us. We would like to wish each of you a Happy Holiday and safe travels from all of us here at Wagoner County District One!

November 2013

Wagoner County District One is proud to announce that we have moved forward with the first ever Inter Local Agreement with the City of Tulsa. This being in place allows the City of Tulsa and Wagoner County to work together as a team to better our communities. A special thanks to the City of Tulsa and Mayor Dewey Barlett.

October 2013

NACo's prescription discount card program has been a huge success. Wagoner County citizens have saved $9,593.02 this year alone on prescription drugs not covered by their insurance. Cardholders on average are saving 22% on purchases. For more information on this program visit www.ok.gov.

September 2013

We are proud to announce Wagoner County District Ones employee Dennis Ames was recognized and awarded at the last ACCO conference for 15 years on the job and accident free! Congratulations Dennis we appreciate your hard work and dedication.


August 2013

We would like to Congratulate Wagoner County District One Commissioner James Hanning for once more being appointed as Vice Chairman of Land and Solid Waste sub-committee with NACo's Environment, Energy & Land Use (EELU) steering committee for the 2013-2014 year.

June 2013

Progress as Promised!! Back in September 2012 we announced that the Board of County Commissioners voted to allow all the 2013 grant funds be used in Wagoner County District One. As of June 2013 this project was completed. All 16 brand new fire hydrants have been installed through out Wagoner County District One. We would like to thank Rural Water District 4 and Rural Water District 5 for all of your hard work and assistance in this project. We appreciate you!

June 2013

Wagoner County District One has received several complaints of the condition that 353rd is in at this time. Due to the circumstances of The City Of Broken Arrow building the new water treatment plant there has been an overwhelming amount of semi truck traffic up and down that roadway. At this time we are doing our best to keep that roadway patched up and in its best shape as possible.

April 2013

Commissioner James Hanning had a chance to visit with Fox 23 news anchor Abbie Alford, to discuss improvements to flood-prone streets in Wagoner County. Read the story Here

April 2013

Wagoner County District 1 will be participating in the 2013 Great American Clean Up Oklahoma on Saturday April 20, 2013. Trash bags will be available for pickup at our office April 15th-19th from the hours of 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM. District 1 will also be hosting a bin for constituents to recycle used tires. For more information on recyclable tires please click the link below. Oklahoma Used Tire Recycling Program

March 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. –Commissioner James Hanning delivered a strong Why Counties Matter message to Capitol Hill during the National Association of Counties’ (NACo) 2013 Legislative Conference, March 2-6, in Washington, D.C.

With talk of fiscal cliffs and sequestration cuts dominating the headlines, more than1,500 county officials from across the country gathered in the nation’s capital to demonstrate to Congress and federal officials that the nation’s 3,069 county governments provide the essential building blocks to create healthy, vibrant and safe communities. This includes supporting and maintaining key public infrastructure, transportation and economic development assets; creating and sustaining a skilled workforce to meet the needs of private industry; ensuring public health and public safety needs to protect the public; and implementing a broad portfolio of federal, state and local programs in a cost-effective and accountable manner. View our full News Release.

January 2013

*Wagoner County District 1 is currently in the process of receiving a federal grant for the conservation of the Blue Gill Point public use area. The grant deadline is 1-31-13. If Wagoner County District 1 constituents have any questions, comments, or concerns please visit our Contact Page or phone: 918-357-1927.

September 2012

*Every year the county receives state grants to be divided up between the three districts in Wagoner County, as well as county wide grants. Recently the Board of County Commissioner have voted that for the 2013 physical year all the grant money will be given to District 1.Commissioner James Hanning has elected to take that money and install fire hydrants throughout the district in order to better assist the fire departments. This, in turn, will greatly benefit all the citizens in those areas financially, as well as, with safety.

July 2012

*The City of Broken Arrow has recently teamed with Crossland Construction to begin their water treatment plant project. The Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB) is loaning the City of Broken Arrow nearly $65 million so they can build a new 20 million gallon a day water treatment plant and install a pipeline for drinking water. The new plant will be on the south bank of the Verdigris River and east of 353rd and 71st. The Oklahoma Water Resource Board is estimating that Broken Arrow water customers will be saving more than $19 million in interest by borrowing the money from OWRB. The Water Board authorized the funding in a pair of long-term, low-interest loans: $35 million from the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund and $29,755,000 from the agency's Financial Assistance Program.

May 2012

*In recognition of today’s economy the Board of County Commissioners have agreed to contribute a monthly donation to the three Senior Citizen centers in Wagoner County. Rolling Hills Senior Center is located here in District 1.The other two centers are Okay Senior Center and Wagoner Senior Center both are located in District 2

April 2012

*The Board of County Commissioners approved the Environmental and Engineering study phase to replace the bridge over Salt Creek located at 8th St and 305th. The scope of the project is to replace the truss bridge with a wider more safe bridge, as well as, relocate the bridge to the section line. Commissioner Hanning is concerned with the safety of the bridge and the problems created on a daily basis for commuters, emergency vehicles, and school buses. When the bridge is completed, not only will his concern be eliminated but transportation for farming and industry will be greatly approved.

April 2012

*FEMA has come and surveyed all of Wagoner County and has created new flood zones. The Wagoner County flood maps became effective April 12, 2012. FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program are strongly recommending that everyone have flood insurance. For more information on estimated rates for flood insurance, whether you are eligible for grandfathering and the Preferred Risk Policy please contact www.floodsmart.gov. Commissioner Hanning is making adjustments at this time to our roadways so that flooding is not a problem in the future.

January 2011

Commissioner James Hanning takes tremendous pride in serving Wagoner County District 1.His main focus is on the safety and well-being of the citizens and their property. Commissioner Hanning is continuously working on road and bridge projects to ensure a safe commute for the citizens and their families, emergency vehicles, and school bus routes. Because of the diversity in District 1, Commissioner Hanning is taking a proactive approach in order to better both rural and urban areas.