Wagoner County District 1 Commissioner


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Wagoner County District 1 Commissioner – James Hanning

Commissioner Hanning was sworn into office January 3, 2011.Upon being sworn in, he became Chairman of the Board of Wagoner County Commissioners. A month after taking office, Wagoner County experienced a rare snow storm. Record snow falls of over a foot of snow were recorded. Commissioner Hanning and his road crew worked all day and well into the night for 6 days straight making roads safe for emergency travel and responders keeping the citizens protected during the crises. Commissioner Hanning had concerns regarding Planning and Zoning statutes in which, after much research, the Attorney General’s office stated that while Wagoner County was compliant with Oklahoma State Statute, it appeared that the statute had conflicting language within the Planning & Zoning Statutes.The language will be addressed during the next legislative session. Commissioner Hanning was approached by a group of citizens in his district regarding starting a Title 19 Rural Fire Department.After much research, Commissioner Hanning was able to assist those citizens on steps needed to be taken in order to fulfill their vision of a new volunteer fire department. Commissioner Hanning believes that government should operate as debt free as possible on all levels of government. Therefore, he has paid off four (4) pieces of equipment reducing monthly equipment payments by $5,035.68 within the first year and half of his tenure with the county. Commissioner Hanning has built two (2) bridges, repaired and elevated multiple low water crossings, as well as, paved, chipped and oiled 21 miles of road. Commissioner Hanning has maintained an open door policy with the citizens in District 1.

In 2012, Commissioner Hanning became Vice-chairman of the Board of County Commissioners.He also serves on the EELU (Environmental, Energy and Land Usage) Steering Committee for NACo (National Association for Counties). Being on this steering committee is beneficial because it allows him to address local concerns of the citizens on a national level. The Board of County Commissioners voted that all of the EODD REAP (Rural Economic Action Plan) Grants go to a different district each year. There are four (4) REAP Grants total for the county and District 1 is the first to receive the grants for calendar year 2013.Commissioner Hanning is working with Rural Water District 4 and Rural Water District 5, along with, Oak Grove Fire Department in order to use the REAP Grants to install fire hydrants throughout the district. If all goes as planned, this will help assure safety to the public, to property, and, at the same time, allowing the public relief in their insurance policies. Commissioner Hanning is also concerned with FEMA’s new flood plain boundaries. He is attending flood plain meetings and meeting with concerned constituents in order to educate the public regarding the necessary steps to take in order to ease financial burden proposed by the new elevations.